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April 15, 2021

This Week in Pharma

By MastersConnect

Our roundup of the headlines for the week. 

Pharma industry reputation 'most improved'

The Global RepTrak (reputation tracker) is the latest to identify improvements in the reputation of the pharmaceutical industry, which earned a number 8 slot in the list - ahead of retail, media and entertainment, and transportation. 

The report attributes the industry's year-on-year improvement to pharma companies helping get us through the pandemic, though the top 100 companies on the list don't actually include any of the leading vaccine makers. 

Small Research Grants Programme launched by Antibiotic Research UK

In a bid to fund research into antibiotic resistance, new antibiotic therapies, and antibiotic stewardship, Antibiotic Research UK has launched a new research grants programme. In its largest grants programme to date, the charity will be awarding one grant of up to £50,000, as well as six grants of up to £25,000 each. 

The applications will be reviewed by independent assessors and members of the charity's Science or Education committee, based on a scoring system developed nu the Medical Research Council. Shortlisted entries will be reviewed by the charity's grants panel. 

Two New Vaccines Added to UK's Mixed Regimen Study

The UK trial that is evaluating the safety of mixing different COVID-19 vaccinations is set to be expanded to include Moderna and Novavax's vaccines. 

The trial, known as Com-Cov, is the first of its kind in testing the effects of using different vaccines for the first and second dose. Until now, it has used the Pfizer and the AstraZeneca vaccines. According to the BBC, over 800 people are already enrolled in the study, which is set to run for 13 months. 



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