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Dispensing Masters

Dispensing Practices manage the care of 9 million patients. 

Dispensing Masters from MastersConnect is a flexible telemarketing service to enable you to connect effectively with the marketplace. 

Communicate with Dispensing Practices

Dispensing Masters offers a full range of direct marketing services which target, educate, and influence the dispensing market (Dispensing Doctors, Pharmacies and Hospitals ).

This is essential for providing a sales and information service for all Dispensaries throughout the UK. 

By having our team concentrate on the commercial discussions, you can keep your commercial campaigns completely separate from any clinical information.


Reach your Market

Dispensing Masters from MastersConnect delivers a route to market for pharmaceutical products and medical devices, providing a complete commercial service. We have a team of specialist commercial Telesales Account Managers with extensive UK market knowledge and success.

Across All Campaigns

New product launches, commercial campaigns, growing your market share or ad-hoc tactical announcements - we provide everything from segmented targeted communications through to market saturation

Why Chose MastersConnect?

Our team of experts get you in front of the decision makers. Dispensing Masters provides rapid and impactful interactions with these key groups enabling you to develop your products and services.

Cost effective

Fast and flexible

Fully compliant – MHRA approved