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Meetings Recruitment

Recruiting and retaining Speaker Meeting delegates through targeted, protocol -driven outbound telemarketing. 

MastersConnect are a specialist pharma telemarketing company, getting you access to the right contacts for your meetings.

Connect with HCPs

Medical Speaker Meetings, Seminars and Webinars are consistently rated by Healthcare Marketers and Medical Education Teams as one of the most effective ways of connecting with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). However, relying on email/mailings and your field-based team to generate attendance can be a risky strategy particularly as the volume of invitations from other meetings and pressure on HCP availability continues to rise.

Our experienced Team develops a customised blend of communications outlining the frequency and variety of communication channels (including but not limited to – mailings, tele-recruitment calls, faxes, and emails) based on 1000s of similar successful recruitment efforts. We focus on securing registrations and maximising show rates.


Effective Communication

Email and direct mail invitations alone can be effective but often only to a point – speaking to your invitees directly is the surest way of generating and guaranteeing attendance. It’s also one of the few ways of discovering why invitees don’t plan to attend and of engaging with those who are interested but just can’t make that particular date.

Across All Events

Whether you are looking to secure attendees for a local speaker meeting, webinar, a satellite symposium, conference, or an advisory board, we can help. We can operate as part of an integrated marketing program or as a stand-alone solution. Meeting Masters Service can also include management of delegate payments when a fee is required for attendance.

What to Expect

In the run up to an event every day counts - you will receive daily activity reports and a high degree of contact to ensure our team performs as an extension of your in-house team.

  • Customised Meeting Recruitment and Retention Programmes.
  • Increased HCP attendance.
  • Post meeting follow-up – this can include appointments for your account managers.

Working with MastersConnect gives you... 

  • Highly effective Telemarketing recruitment for 1000s of successful medical meetings – often within tight deadlines.
  • Fully compliant processes backed up with bespoke customer relationship management software which enables detailed management reports.
  • Highly trained and dedicated team – consistently delivering well above client expectations.