masterclass case study

Case Study

Masterclass Recruitment and Management

The Background

Our client wanted to kick off HCP engagement activity in order to increase referrals to specialist centres. While the client had no database, they did have a small team of specialist account managers calling on tertiary centres.

The Plan

Our client aimed to run 4 regional masterclasses in partnership with selected tertiary centres. To achieve this, they would need to develop a database and materials, as well as perform recruitment of delegates.

The Issues

Having no database was a clear issue that needed to be addressed immediately. Additional concerns were the venue and agenda, and the need for a clear call to action.

Our Service

MastersConnect developed all materials and a registration process, developed a call protocol, and undertook a database building campaign. We recruited and retained delegated through telemarketing as well as printed and digital invitations. In addition, we managed the meeting on-site for our client, and handled post-meeting questionnaires and follow up activity.

The Results

Our team of an Account Manager, Project Manager, Telemarketers, Designers, and Video/Sound Technicians were able to deliver this complex project with complete success. 





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