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An integrated marketing approach is essential for the Healthcare Industry, even in a digital world. 

Pharma telemarketing is still a key component of accessing HCPs, educating them, and engaging with them - especially in a post-covid world. 

MastersConnect are here to help you make those connections.


Flexible and scalable

If you have ongoing needs to engage with HCPs, or you're launching a new product to the market and need an ad-hoc campaign, we can help. We scale our services to meet your needs.

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Whether you need lead generation, direct to patient communications, transfer of value HCP projects, recruitment (and retention) meetings campaigns, rapid post–meeting follow-up, or managing commercial schemes (e.g. rebating scheme with Dispensing Practices and retail outlets), we can support you. 

Large or small, UK-wide or local - we help you reach your audience wherever they are. 


How we work

We start with defining your objectives to ensure your campaign is custom-designed to meet your needs. You'll get regular reports and calls to help keep activity on track and make adjustments if required, to maintain continuously high standards.

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Our Pharma Telemarketing Services

Pharma telemarketing is a broad topic - you might need to set up appointments for your field sales team, generate speakers and guests for your meetings, educate and engage HCPs on new or existing products, follow up after meetings, or simply get more information to build your database. 

Take a look at some of our specific services, below, or get in touch to discuss what you need. 

meetings sq Meeting Recruitment

Speakers and delegates recruited

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Reach dispensing HCPs, hospitals, pharmacists

appointment sq Appointment Setting

Generate ABPI-compliant meetings