webinar case study

Case Study

Webinar Series

Helping our client engage HCPs with targeted post-lockdown webinars

The Background

Reaching HCPs had become more challenging during Covid-19 and the UK lockdowns. The field team had been unable to visit HCPs and were emerging from lockdown to become a remote/virtual sales team.

The Plan

Our client planned to run 3 webinars in quick succession - comprising a 45 minute presentation by a key opinion leader, followed by a Q&A session. The target was for 30 HCPs to attend each webinar.

Potential Issues

This campaign had extremely tight timescales and needed recruitment of attendees to happen at speed - with the campaign beginning just 10 days prior to the first webinar. We also had the added issue of HCP availability during a challenging time for the healthcare space.

Our Outreach

We developed a branded registration site for the webinars, using the client's brand. We created a digital invitation as well as a compliant call protocol for the MastersConnect team. We combined telemarketing and digital invitations to both recruit and retain HCPs, with constant reporting and project management throughout the process.

Pre-Webinar Service

To ensure the professionalism and reputation of the webinars themselves, we trained speakers on webinar best practice prior to the event, and checked sound and picture quality across the speakers' rooms.

Webinar Management

During the webinars, we remotely managed the broadcast, switching between speakers in different parts of the UK. MastersConnect also managed the post-webinar questionnaires and follow up activities, and provided recordings of the event to our client.

The Results

Each webinar had an attendance figure that exceeded the target number of 30 attendees - with between 60 and 72 HCPs attending each webinar. 



More attendees than target


Show Rate


Of attendees were Doctors


HCPs gave email permissions